Epson V200 Scanner installation

I am running Manjaro 32 bit on a rather old ibm T61. Working very well and I'm happy but I need to get my V200 Epson scanner working. I am quite new to Manjaro and cannot see how to do this. Epson have iscan package as deb etc but no arch. My linux skill is low. Can someone please walk me through how i can get my scanner connected.

Your package name is iscan.
You install with sudo pacman -S iscan
There is also the iscan-data package but i don't know if you need it.
You should check this link for specific problems.

I have now got iscan installed but i think I need to intall this plugin

I do not know how to do this. can someone walk me through getting this installed please.

type in a terminal
yaourt -S iscan-plugin-gt-f670

yaourt -S package_name
installs any package you want from AUR.

Do NOT use sudo.

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My word GeorgeCh. That was quick. Now I have a working scanner. Thanks. what a great reponse.
One other question which I hope is okay to ask here. I have seen Arch is going to go to only 64 bit soon.
I presume Manjaro will follow. I love it but my laptop is 32 bit.

I suggest to wait for the official announcement. That might take more than a few months but that is only an assumption. Please feel free to ask on another post as i have no knowledge of such a decision.

I have a new laptop and am running manjaro xfce. I want to install my Epson scanner so looked up my post from a while back. It worked at the time of the original post but now when I run yaourt -S iscan-plugin-gt-f670 it returns the error
[david@david-pc ~]$ yaourt -S iscan-plugin-gt-f670
bash: yaourt: command not found
Can you help please.

yaourt is deprecated.. you can search and intall AUR package with the graphical package manager installed with XFCE version (pamac).
you may need to activate AUR in the settings and install base-devel group of packages

sudo pacman -S base-devel

Thank you scachemaille for the quickest reply ever (I think). Now sorted.

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