Error 777 and 755

Trying to install 18.0 stable on Lenovo thinkpad. Noticed a lot of error 777 and 755 during install and when I reboot and try to go into the OS and fails and says "good luck".

Not sure where I went wrong as installing Manjaro is way more complicated then when I installed Ubuntu. It is not automated like other OS systems I have installed.

I am installing it from a 8gb USB stick.

Those numbers remind me more of permissions than errors. You'll need to provide more information if you want help...

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Without a proper error log this post has a rather limited chance of acquiring a solution.

If Manjaro seems too complicated to you, perhaps Ubuntu would be a better fit for you.

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I recommend Mint, I used it until I got too bored. :slight_smile:

After that it is not difficult to switch to Manjaro. :smiley:


The warnings while installing where: "Warning: directory permissions differ on /mnt/blah filesystem: 777 pachage: 755

When I try to go into Manjaro I get: mount: /new_root: unknown filesystem type 'ntfs'. You are now being dropped into an emergency shell. sh: can't access tty: job control turned off
[rootfs ]#

Let me know how to generate the logs and how to post them and I will.

I have no problem troubleshooting as I used to work in IT.... a long time ago in a galaxy far away... :slight_smile:

ntfs must be ext4 - need format?
mnt/blah I am not aware of, be more clear.
Our glass balls are in repair right now.

How did you write your usb stick. What have you done before installing the system.

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You can't install Linux onto an NTFS partition.

Start over and format the partition with a Linux filesystem, e.g. ext4.

(Pretty certain Ubuntu and Mint would also fail in the same way if you tried to do the same thing...)

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Interesting... I am running Ubuntu 18.04.1 from my D: partition which is NTFS and it is running fine.

I will start over and this time have it format the D: partion for me.


I knew this was just an exercise in trolling.

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i got the same right from the very first post

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Yes, but you try to give benefit of the doubt, because you can never know if it might be a language issue. Pretty sad.

No trolling going on here.... I have been using Ubuntu along side Windows 10 for awhile.... but not really liking Ubuntu and read good things about Manjaro and the Deepin desktop so thought I would give it a try.

When I was working on putting a root partition on RAID, somehow I got to an emergency "root-fs" prompt. Whatever I did then, it said something like

Now leaving emergency shell. You are on your own. Good luck.

there may just be hope my computer can tell me to go ■■■■ myself to my face instead of doing it through broken wifi, random graphical glitches and spiteful pulseaudio settings. :joy:


Yes, that is what I was also getting!

Anyway I ended up nuking and paving my entire laptop and installed Manjaro on ext-4 partion like the recommend and everything seems to be running perfect now!

Thanks for all the replies. Now off to learn and explore more of my new OS.... which I must say looks a lot better then others I have used!

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Please FIRST consider the following

... before attempting to apply other galaxies IT knowledge right away ...

It doesn't just look better, it's better :wink: :slight_smile:

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