Error after maintenance via pacui. Should I reinstall?

I recently 'mantained' my system via pacui. When prompted about overwriting something (it might be pac conf or temp or something, my bad for not paying attention) it creates an error. When I opened terminal, it says: "I have no name!"

And when I restarted, I couldn't login. What should I do? I'm on the verge of reinstallation because I'm quite desperate of not finding a solution to my problem.

Any help will be appreciated.

you couldn't log in? be more specific. are you getting a login prompt? if so, what's the error when it fails to let you login in? if not, is there an error you're seeing instead fo the login prompt?

I do get a login prompt. But it no longer shows my profile picture like usual. The last moments before restarting, I couldn't even connect to my wifi.

ignoring the lack of a picture, what happens when you try to log in?

I made the same mistake overwriting the wrong pacman.conf files with pacnew ones.
I had to reinstall, didn't know how to otherwise.

This could benefit from an install disc and manjaro-chroot. Try first before reinstall. It's best to read through the thread, do some research before attempting anything.

I think maybe you merged the /etc/shadow and other files involving your login password. Use a live cd to see what content of /etc/shadow, group, passwd

If true, then try reset your pw following this arch wiki.


Whenever you keep backing up your system, it never breaks.
As soon as you delete your backups and/or stop/never backup your system, it's definitive that it will break right away.

My name is Murphy!! :sunglasses:


It doesn't let me to. Says about missing / unknown username.

When you use pacui for maintenance and you have the passwd.pacnew and group.pacnew then pacui is replacing your working files with defaults which has no user.

Unless you have a backup of the files - only way is reinstall.

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config files are a real problem on rolling distibutions, because both updating them and not updating them can break your system.

this is why pacui shows you the differences between both files in order to enable you to make an educated decision about config files.
here is what pacui's help says about it:

i do not know how to make a clearer statement. feel free to suggest improvements.


Thanks for the response @swami, @dorma, @ryanmusante, @AgentS, @steanne, and @excalibur1234.

I'm reinstalling it. Thanks for the assistance.

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