Error during boot

Why not possible

I don't have any other disk,Some imp data is there,some apps imp apps windows partition ..

I am just telling you to check summary of erase entire disk options not telling you to proceed with it

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No option.

Reboot check your windows is properly shut down fastboot is disabled


How much of a mess is you disk so many chunks of 500mb keep minimum partition.delete all other partition my suggestion is
Only three partition for Linux 1efi 2swap 3/
For windows three will suffice 1 efi 2 cdrive 3 your data

Actually I use these basic Linux partitions,installation fails after 80%,when bootloader should be installed in system.I think a new topic is needed as its a big issue for newcomers

Efi partition is fat32 not ext4

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Oh,but linux supports all partitions?

Linux support,your firmware/bios may not

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Trying again,if all OK then I can proceeded to words real issue.

There is a tutorial for you already

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Any tutorial about nvidia driver installation?

IIRC, manjaro wiki has instructions, but you may check MSM or mhwd --help

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Reinstalled, now no pacman error.Everything is OK.Now need nvidia drivers as screen tearing is too much

I still think what happened before is that you did a partial update (or were not fully synced/updated before attempting nvidia install)
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu
Make sure that is all done, and reboot if updates were made.
Then open Manjaro Settings Manager and select the nvidia driver you see there. Reboot.
Should be that simple :wink:

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Video nvidia and video nvidia 390xx are there,Need both or any one?

if straight nvidia is available use that, the others are for backwards compatibility.

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