Error during installing i3-gaps-rounded

I installed manjaro i3 and every thing is working fine. I really like customizing manjaro but and i wanted rounded corners on my i3 setup. I tried to install i3-gaps-rounded, i3-gaps-rounded-git from aur and also several i3-gaps modified rounded versions but i am unable to build any of them i am having an error while building everytime. I am using yay to install them but as it didn't workedi even tried manually using mkpkg -si or downloading from pamac but i am still unable to
. I am having this message error during the build

make: *** [Makefile:1332: all] Error 2
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
Error making: i3-gaps-rounded-git
Please anyone help me

Hello @mnmustafa1109,
if an AUR package fails to build you have to report it to the specific AUR repository.
In your case follow this link:

But beware of the fact that i3-gaps-rounded is in conflict with i3-gaps
which has the potential to break your system soon or later.

I fixed it by replacing make CFLAGS+=" -fcommon" to make CPPFLAGS+="-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE" and i am able to install it now. i removed i3-gaps ... will i still have problems?

read the red box here:

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