Error! GRUB invalid arch-independent

hi, right now I want to try GNOME edition . and I used to make bootable usb using Etcher, after XFCE and KDE went well . but this time it does not work, there is a grub problem that says, "Invalid arch-independent elf magic" with a grub rescue below . can you guys help me ? thank you :slight_smile:

x86_64 or i686?

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it's the first one

Do you use the GRUB from another distro that is based on debian ?

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i did, before trying several edition of manjaro i used linux mint (dual booting with windows 10) .

Ok, there might be something to it. The best way is to boot from the Manjaro install media, and "repair" Grub following this:

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okay, i'll check this one out . thanks for now, i'll be right back for the result :slight_smile:

hey i'm back again, i couldn't get into grub or first boot menu (to press 'c') cause i stucked from the first time and get into the grub rescue mode . can't even use "echo" command (it says unknown command) . how can i through this ?

What iso file did you download? Full name, please and as c00ter asked, is it i686 or x86_64.
And what were the architecture (i686 or x86_64) of your XFCE and KDE.
Are they the same?
It is likely that your gnome is not the right architecture.

You did not reply c00ter. We cannot help further.


Oh, he replied. I had hoped it might promote a bit of user-research but apparently not. A quick Google of the error message, and the overwhelming results, are what caused me to ask.

@OP, you got chocolate in yer peanut butter. So to speak.



i already replied the question . ok, all edition are x86_64 . and that is why i feel confused .
so i try to re-download the GNOME iso . and that is solved my problem . it looks like the file is corrupted :slight_smile:

thank you for your respond guys, i do really appreciate it . i think im gonna end this thread . but i just dont know how to close it :smile:



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