ERROR [install basepkgs] [255] on vmware

I have done this before hit setup:

pacman-mirrors --geoip
pacman -Syy

get ERROR [install basepkgs] [255] on try to installing manjaro via architect on vmware
it say's Partition / is full.


I have seen the same thing. Using a bigger virtual disk seems to resolve the issue. It doesn't actually seem to use the space though. Since the disk is only provisioned as it is used, it doesn't seem to harm anything.

was 128GB which size do you use?

Wow. I have seen that using disks are 20-30GB. I have never had a problem installing in 80GB.

Which profile were you installing?

what do you mean? tried luks + btrfs + xfce + linux56

stable branch

Also btrfs + xfce + linux56

Gave me this error

Also with more storage 256GB

On my host had no issues and there I have only an SSD with 128 GB

That is odd, there is something strange going on where it is checking disk space.

Seems like a question for @Chrysostomus

can you format before ( gparted )
and retry ?

gparted is an gui application so doesn't work

fdisk works

formate the disk before dosen't work same issue

GUI install went fine, maybe a VMWare issue?

there is some trouble on mirrors , many are not working.

okay thanks for your reply will check later on :slight_smile:

A GUI install is fundamentally different, it just unpacks the files from the ISO.

Does it work if you use ext4 instead of btrfs? I have only see it happen when using a filesystem that doesn't present as a block device so my semi-educated guess is that whatever is checking space there is doing it using a method that isn't working for btrfs.

I have always meant to find the source for that and see what it is doing but it never pops to the top of my project list.

Have used LUKS only and it work with GUI install, have tried architect again LUKS + btrfs again with no luck same error / issue (128GB from a 1TB external Drive)

On my Host System it work without issues installed manjaro with architect (btrfs + xfce) (128GB SSD)

nothing changed, same Error

How much ram vm has?

I cannot reproduce the issue. Tested on VMware with btrfs on luks, 20G disk and 8G ram. My guess is that you have too little ram and /tmp gets too full? You could maybe try the "Choose pacman cache" option and select no?

2 of 4

will try

Works thanks a lot @Chrysostomus @dalto @stephane
for all your help :slight_smile: :+1:

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