Error installing Manjaro 17.0.6 KDE

Yes, I think its possible, but you have to install it with Manjaro-Architect.

i already told u. when i install manjaro 17.06 kde. installation goes successful for the first boot no problem. only problem is with the second reboot which gives this sddm error and stuck at "TLP ..." line.

so after ur first login install 4.4 kernel from kernel manager.

after installing kernel 4.4 u can reboot ur pc and choose 4.4 from grub advanced menu during next reboot.

I think that's not my case, I couldn't install anything...

Someone has any idea?

I can't access the console using CTRL + ALT + anything.

I don't know what else I can do. Maybe I should give up installing Manjaro...

For some reason MHWD doesn't work on your end. You can add systemd.mask=mhwd-live.service to disable it on grub. Press CTRL+E after selecting the boot option. Add it to the linux line and start with CTRL+X

Also we recommend to test v17.1-pre2, which comes with a newer KDE and kernel.

I tried adding systemd.mask=mhwd-live.service and it worked! Thank you so much.

Well, I have another problem. When installing it seems that it got stuck at 77% (Configure the hardware). What should I do?

I tried installing Manjaro v17.1-pre2 and I have the same issues. With systemd.mask=mhwd-live.service I can start the installation, but I got stuck again in "Configure hardware".

I have no idea what can be the solution... I tried with "free drivers" but it gets stuck in an infinite loop.

Post up.

If your machine has a dedicated video card, try selecting driver=non-free at the boot menu.

From the live ISO can you provide

inxi -Fxxz

Is you machine nvidia optimus (ie intel-nvidia hygrid gpus)?

Try installing with manjaro-architect ISO, here you can manually select the right kernel and video driver for your system. Not as easy as Calmares, but more powerful as you have more control.

I'm already doing that. Otherwise it doesn't works.

This is the result of inxi -Fxxz:
I don't know if there is something wrong with it.

If I can't solve it I will try with Manjaro Architect, but I was trying to avoid that way.

Try this.
Choose non-free option and add those acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2009" acpi_backlight=native intel_iommu=on nvidia-drm.modeset=1
I have Dell Inspiron 7559 with the same CPU and GPU as yours and those are working for me to install Manjaro.

If you have a successful boot and just stuck at the black screen with error then you SHOULD be able to access TTY pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2.
If you can do that try to install lightdm and replace sddm.
Login with your user name and password. Then:

sudo pacman -S lightdm
sudo systemctl stop sddm
sudo systemctl disable sddm
sudo systemctl enable lightdm
sudo systemctl start lightdm

That problem isn't the same I have. I can't even install Manjaro :frowning:

I tried it. It didn't work.

I am sorry. I mixed cases.
Did you disable SecureBoot?
Did you disable win quick start?
In the first intro screen of usb boot select Find EFI (or similar)
Search the forum for installation problems with your hardware, mainly graphics card.

Yes, I disabled both.
I also selected Find EFI.

Sorry for replying too late, I was busy with exams. :disappointed_relieved:

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