Error message: KWin is unstable. Can't use my PC.

After updating and rebooting my KDE Manjaro 'Testing' system, I am greeted by the following message:

KWin is unstable.

It seems to have crashed several times in a row.
You can select another window manager to run:

Dropdown menu:

is my only option.

Pressing either OK or Cancel results in no action / system freeze.

Rebooting and using the LTS 4.19.xx kernel leads to the same result.

How can I boot into my system?

Edit: system details
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U, configured as described here:

Profile says you're using unstable, post mentions testing.
Try downgrading or switch to stable.

Another users reports kwin to be crashing on unstable

I have updated my profile settings to reflect the fact that I'm actually using the testing branch.

How do I switch to stable if I only have a black screen and this pop-up window with the "KWin is unstable" error message?

ctrl+alt+f2 log in

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch {branch}
sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && sudo pacman -Syyuu

No offense, but if you need to ask on the forum how to switch to the stable branch from testing then you really have no business being on the testing branch.

The testing branch is for advanced users who are looking to help discover bugs and troubleshoot issues they come across.

If you are not even capable of performing a simple forum search to find information on switching branches then perhaps you need to reevaluated your choice of branches. Sorry to be blunt, but IMO testing is for users who wish to help with Manjaro development. When you become proficient enough to do that, then consider returning to testing.


I have previously switched from stable to testing.
The sense of my message was how do I switch from that specific error window.
But I accept your point of view.

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What method do you use for updating the system?

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