Error Message, No System Commands Work, Can't Find Partitions

---I'm trying to help a lady whose friend installed Manjaro on her computer, and then suddenly passed away. She has the error:
"Hibernation device not found on boot"
which arose suddenly, and she had not done an upgrade. I've been through multiple postings on this topic, but I can't get any of the suggested commands to run:

  • sudo isn't found.
  • mkinitcpio isn't found.
  • neither nano nor pico are found.
  • lsblk isn't found.
  • even su isn't found.
    I tried to open fstab, but I get an error message:
    Permission denied
    I see a reference to /etc/default, but that file isn't shown. Is there a way to proceed without reinstalling? Thanks in advance.

It sounds like there is an issue preventing the machine from booting and you are at the rootfs prompt. You may need to download a manjaro ISO and put on a usb drive in order to rescue the install.

Edit grub menu to boot to TTY

Or try booting with Live ISO to the installation as described here

First off, I'm sorry for your loss.

Secondly, you can try two things.

First, try booting into tty mode, do that by editing the grub menu, adding a 3 to the line which starts with 'linux /boot'.

If that fails, try grabbing a live ISO of manjaro onto a USB, and attempt to chroot into the system.

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