error: missing python3-pyqt4 to do HP printer installation

u meant on my hp printer itself, connect it to network ?
my printer is connected to network.. it is a static ip that i have assigned on the physical printer itself.
my printer is set like this for years.. when i was still using microsoft os.

i never have being asked for password while installing or accessing or "anything" with the printer before.
this is the 1st time it pops up.

I never use the HPlip so the installation I showed you - was my wife's printer connected to a wireless AP in the opposite end of the house. My system is connected using cable.

So the steps above - are verified working steps.

Don't click Find Network Printer because that will initiate a workgroup/domain search.

Cancel the dialog - only click the → right left to Network Printer



And if your printer is visible on the network the printer name and IP will show up - just wait a few seconds



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