Error trying to install Steam Windows Client through Wine

I tried Installing Steam Windows Client through Wine and linked it with a Lutris Entry. I just wanted a roundabout way to use to steam desktop client because the native steam client can't run most of the windows games. Nevertheless it is glitching a bit. The .NET framework couldn't be installed and the games crashed. Although the Visual C++ runtimes installed quite well but the directx couldn't be installed. I am new to wine, most of the times I just use Lutris but DRMs can be a real pain at times...
PS: I just want to play a bunch of Steam games NOT supported by native Steam LINUX Client.

Did you tried linux native Steam with Proton enabled?
I playing all games which i own.

LOL, for last two days I didn't even looked into my steam settings. It's up and running thanks. :sweat_smile:

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