Error while installing XFCE in dual boot mode

Hi I'm trying to dual boot Manjaro XFCE alongide my windows 10 installation.

I've created my bootable drive using Rufus(dd mode), and I've downloaded the latest XFCE image from the website, and now I'm following this guide:

However I faced an unexpected errorIMG_20200202_211259

Does the USB stick function correctly?
Can you try to use Etcher?

Can you show the partitioning?

can you boot on USB manjaro
open a terminal

inxi -Fxxxza
parted -l

All the partitions specified in the guide were created in an extended partition

The USB drive doesn't seem to have any issues. How can I verify?

Here is the mistake - extended partitions is what I expect to see in MBR based partitions and not GPT which would require the EFI partition. The guide is given for UEFI/GPT installs.

If your Windows is installed in BIOS/MBR scheme you need to install Manjaro in the same way. This is not difficult but different. You need space for / (and evtl. swap & home) partition and install the grub's 1st.instance in the MBR. All is supported from the installation GUI.

I'm quite new to Linux. Could you please link to a guide for dual booting XFCE on my computer. My hard disk structure: 1 Windows 10 Partition (PRIMARY), 1 Windows System Reserved Partition (PRIMARY), 2 partitions containing my data (LOGICAL)

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  1. Backup your data. This ensures that you are not loosing data in case something is going wrong with the installation. Make sure to have backup tools for Windows prepared as well.

  2. Make sure you have at least 45 GiB free unallocated space on your disk. More is not needed but useful.

  3. Download the ISO file, XFCE can be found here.

  4. Burn an ISO, e.g. on DVD or USB-Stick. You find lot's of explanations how to do this from Windows or from a Linix system, e.g. here.

  5. Boot the stick from your BIOS in legacy mode.

  6. Install Manjaro in the empty space alongside Windows, put the grub bootloader in the MBR. Use this or this guide.


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