Error with dmidecode "/dev/mem: Operation not permitted"

I am running Manjaro Arm xfce for raspberry pi 4.
I was trying to get a memory test with the command
sudo dmidecode --type 17

But I got the error message:
/dev/mem: Operation not permitted

This is odd, as the same command works in my x86 machine with Manjaro xfce.

Arm != x86.

Try running it with no options.

Enough said period regarding the pi. dmidecode is not even in the Raspian repo.



ETA: Probably better to say that the RPi doesn't have a compatible SMBIOS at all.

Well, I installed it with the gui software installer, so it must be in the repo.

So, if dmidecode is not to be used in Manjaro ARM, what should i use to find out how fast the system memory is?

Yes it is in the Mamjaro-arm repo but the pi's play by a different set of rules than what is with the standard linux conventions. A program needs to be written to extract all of the info targeted for the pi. There is a script targeted for the pi that tells a lot of info but it is targeted for the raspian OS by the RPi people and changes need to be made. I do not know if it has in it what you want though. Maybe look up the specs on the onboard ram?

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