Error with mysql while installng xampp from AUR

I'm getting the following error while installing xampp from AUR:

==> Creating a temporary mysql user/group with fakeadd...
Error! Not in fakeuser environment
Due to limitations of the .run file of this package, you must have a mysql user
in your system prior to its build.

You can create a mysql user by doing:

  groupadd mysql -g 992
  useradd -u 992 -r -g mysql -s /bin/false mysql
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().
Error making: xampp

So I tried to add the group using:

groupadd mysql -g 992

which gave me:

groupadd: GID '992' already exists

When I checked /etc/group, I found the line kvm:x:992: which explains GID '992' is already in use.

So should I create a mysql group with an unused GID? Would that create problems later on?

Can do.

Very unlikely.

However, I strongly recommend against using XAMPP for anything. Instead, set up a virtual machine which contains the development environment. This also means you can match your production/deployment environment and make deployment much easier.

If you're wanting to play with a specific web application, have a look at the Bitnami OVAs.

Otherwise, set up Apache+PHP+MariaDB the Arch way with system packages. It's not that difficult, and will present far fewer issues over time.

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I'll do it the Arch way!

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