Error you need to load kernel first!

i have installed manjaro kde and i love it, but i wanted to try manjaro xfce, cuz my laptop is old and i think kde is for powerusers. when i choose to boot manjaro xfce for live usb stick, the error pops out:
error:you need to load kernel first!
what should i do ?
how do i load the kernel ?

I would question either the methodology used to burn the LiveISO or the validity of the LiveISO downloaded. Possibly both.

I would deal with those first.


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i used both "etcher" and "suse studio image writer" none of it helps

Next would be to match the sha1sum of the ISO you downloaded. After that, hardware & drivers.

I apologize for not giving you more technical expertise--a lot has been lost over the years, but I can still go, "Check A, Check B, Check C..."

sorry i am new to linux so i dont understand some stuff.
how do i check if iso ? i downloaded sha1 but what dose it do ? (drivers are fine)

That's OK. I'm not new to it, and the more I learn the less I understand. :wilted_flower:

i checked it its ok ! (it's not corrupted) problem is in somthing else. (i think)

...still Manjaro KDE installed ?

sudo pacman -S isousb

or search in octopi for

or do it with terminal

sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/manjaro.iso of=/dev/sd[drive letter] status=progress

and don't forget to check iso with shasum.

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OK, we know that much so far. Do what @banjo suggests and if no success, we'll try the next, then the next... :smiley:

A corrupted USB key, maybe? If the ISO is ok, next culprit can be the USB key used.

Try to reset it using gparted or another tool like this one. And "burn" your ISO on it.

Boot in your KDE session and post some info

inxi -b

Which Xfce ISO version exactly have you used?
When you fail booting, do you have a grub prompt grub> or press C to get to it.
If you have grub prompt, you can use this Tutorial to find and boot to your Live ISO.

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