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I am fairly new to linux in general (only about a month with ubuntu) brand new the Manjaro/Arch linux.

I was wonder what are some the first things I need to do as a brand new user. I have some familiarity with using a terminal. Have rooted and installed custom ROM's on android. The majority of my terminal experience was on mac.

Are there any essential packages I need to have right away. Or is it figure out what I like as I go.

Any help will be awesome, even if the answer is use the search bar haha.

Thank you!

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There is a getting started manual on all iso's you could start with this.

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for the most part manjaro will have all of the basics most computer users will need out of the box. That being said some of us may have preferences like VLC for instance instead of the video app included or maybe you prefer chrome over firefox and so on. If there is a particular feature or type of program you feel you need that you don't find in the stock distro then I would say ask and then people can point you to the app/program/package that will give you that feature or ability.

Hay welcome!
Here are some of my bookmarks it is enough to start with...

  1. Read the forum and search. :mag: top right.
  4. Have fun! :rofl:

I'm not recommending this specific video but rather videos of this nature. These are helpful because they give explanation and show effects realtime.

Awesome thank you for the information so far.

I have managed to already download and install the correct broadcom-wl for wifi, and I have successfully got expressvpn up and running as well.

While I dont need the wifi because I am using ethernet, it was a great run in trouble shooting and solving issues that can come up.

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  • Explore the manjaro community and @kmartin’s post.
    -Make sure all your drivers are working
    -Get comfortable with the cli. You already know how powerful and valuable it is (some commands are even the same on Mac as in Linux)
    -Customize your distro if you are into that stuff
    -If you want to take advantage of manjaro’s rolling nature, update often!

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