Ethernet connection issues after standby (e1000e), Kernel 4.17.9

After waking the system from standby, the NetworkManager needs several attempts (sometimes 2-3, sometimes 10 or more) to connect to the local ethernet network (status lights on the port are off, ip link says interface is down).

A few months ago there was a similar issue regarding the same driver and NetworkManager, but was resolved at the time.

Interface works fine after restart or cold boot (always and without any delays).

Just wanted to ask if someone else maybe experienced this recently (a few days)?

Using Manjaro KDE/Plasma on a Thinkpad T420.

Have you tested other kernels. Try both newer and older to see if there is any improvement.

Yep, moi. No Ethernet Network Connection after Resume; very recent problem

Have you tried restarting network manager. If that doesn't work an rmmod of your network module, then a modprobe, should usually bring the interface up again without the need to reboot.

Try 4.18.
There should be a slight fix for up/down issues.

Do you mean the RC? Is it safe to use these?

Its rc6 now .. so almost 'stable' ..
Its less of a security question and more of a stability question.
If it runs well enough for you then its safe enough to use.
(omitting the possibility of some sort of mistake somewhere - it is even more likely to be 'more secure' owing to adoption of newer technologies)

Lots of people find the newest kernel fixes a network issue for them. It may however introduce other problems. My wifi drivers worked at first on 4.17 when it was the RC kernel. Then the driver was broken for about a month on the RC, then it was fixed again. You just never quite know what you'll get on the RC kernel, but its always fun to take it for a spin.

Thank you, & silly me. I wrongly wrote "safe", when in fact i should have instead asked about "stability, reliability". I do indeed have a working assumption that later kernels will be more secure than older kernels, but [having never before tried an RC] i had some anxiety about whether system stability & reliability might be sacrificed [given after all RC is by definition not yet "stable"]; ie, whether running an RC might turn my pc into a crashaholic. Yes yes, i can read your minds... "sheesh, why doesn't she just shut up & try it for herself rather than all these inane questions?". Fair cop.

Yes, well per my own thread on this current problem, any interest i might have in trying the RC relates specifically to the weird "out of the blue" loss of network after Resume problem that only very recently befell my Tower. However, as i made clear in that thread, the problem manifested WITHOUT me having made any kernel change or relevant software change. One day it was fine, next day it was not. Hence, i am still struggling to find any logic in hoping that 4.18RC might fix a problem, that was never a problem on 4.16 & 4.17, until one recent day -- bam!

Restarting NetworkManager seems to help. :slight_smile:

I guess I wait for the 4.18 release and test again.

I'm pretty sure though, that it worked fine with previous releases of the 4.17 series. This is really a very recent issue - at least for me.

Since the issue got really annoying after a while (not only after standby, but also after boot up), I ditched Network Manager for systemd-networkd and everything works fine now. To be honest, I was expecting the same problems, no matter which software to use for managing the net interface, but turns out I expected wrong. :wink:

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