Ethernet doesnt work/ LightDM cannot start

Ok, so manjaro says I'm connected via wired, yet I can't access anything on Firefox, sudo dhcpcd enp1s0 loops with carrier lost, my driver says that it's installed on Manjaro Settings Manager..

I really don't know what's wrong, it works on Ubuntu and Windows but not Manjaro

For some info "we" need

$ inxi -Fxxxza


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sudo mhwd -r pci network-r8168 , reboot.
Don't post pics. Copy the text and paste it here. Read the link @SGS supplied it'll explain it.


I cannot paste code, the PC doesnt have internet access so how do you want me to paste code except having to send a text document, paste all the contents and post it here when an image is much easier/quicker to send....

do the command in the above post to remove the flaky r8168 driver and replace it with the kernel's own r8169 which is more reliable for that hardware. reboot and it should work.

It's been a couple minutes since I rebooted, I see 2 [FAILED] Failed to start Light Display Manager. See 'systemctl status lightdm.service' for details.

And its stuck on

[    OK    ]  Started TLP system startup/shutdown.


This is what happens when I login into the terminal and do what the error said

How do i replace it from the terminal? Found a post that gives out the exact same error as me but i need to be able to pacman stuff...

sudo mhwd -r pci network-r8168

I don't know about the lightdm problem but assuming you now have a network connection that works try this:

sudo pacman -Syyu

That should update the system. Say yes to replacing any packages with versions from the community repository.

Error: config 'network-r8168' is not installed!

do the second command from my edited post please and then restart

I never said that my connection works, it doesnt work, my ethernet port doesn't even light up anymore

Turn OFF the computer. Then turn it on and update it from the terminal. Sometimes realtek hardware can power down during a driver change and a cold boot turns it back on

It failed retrieving everything,

Could not resolve host

I'd be tempted to reinstall with the latest release candidate from the sub-folders marked rc8 at the end. It doesn't have the r8168 driver as it was removed because more and more people including myself had the same issue as you. In my instance using mhwd to remove the r8168 driver resolved it though.

You can get them from here

I only see XFCE, GNOME, KDE and Architect, which one do I choose?

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