Expressvpn issue

Hi to everyone
I have expressvpn installed on my kde and it works pretty well!
But everytime I disconnect it, the whole internet disconnects and no wifi will be displayed
I should every time type systemctl restart NetworkManager to make it right
How can i fix it?

I think it is a recurring issue with expressvpn.

I am sure you can find something by using the search function.

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Numerous people have reported the espressvpn isn't properly replacing /etc/resolv.conf when it exits. I haven't personally experienced this but there are lots of reports on it.

It should probably be reported to expressvpn support.

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I searched a lot but found nothing useful

I don't use ExpressVPN, so maybe I am completely off here, but in MullvadVPN:s app there is a setting that blocks internet, when the VPN connections goes down. It sounds to me like something like that is active, but some people suggests that it is a bug so maybe not.


Thank you
I searched but nothing like that exists on expressvpn

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