EyeFinity-like setup

I have two monitor setup and want to see if I can setup the two monitor as a virtual one. This Arch wiki says it can be done but I want to knwo what happens and how to revert this command : xrandr --setmonitor EyeFinity auto DVI-D-0,HDMI-A-0

I suppose this will make a new available option in the displays settings and then I can switch from there but fear that it will change my resolution instead and I will have no way to change back without a new command.


xrandr commands are not persistent through reboots so if you screw something up your only a reboot away from returning to the original state. if you want to make the changes persistent after you find your ideal xrandr command/s you can use a display setup script to run the commands when xorg starts

I tried it and it seems to work but games don't display on the new resolution either applications maximize to the nex resolution.

xrandr --listmonitors 
Monitors: 1
 0: EyeFinity 3839/510x1080/287+0+0  DVI-D-0 HDMI-A-0

The system still see as two monitors, maybe that's why applications don't maximize across monitors


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