Failed to create partition table

On my computer install Ubuntu, but I want manjaro. So I create live boot USB with rufus. But Manjaro installer don't see Ubuntu on PC. And I can't install Manjaro. Help me please.

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One guess is that the device has a LVM which occupies all space.

If this is so - you need to clean your partition table - before trying to install (also it seems you are booted in Legacy mode).

For what it's worth, I've regularly seen complaints and problems with "Rufus" USB installations. I'd rather that you download an ISO from, check the integrity of the download and then mount the ISO on a USB using Ubuntu. Are you seeking to create a dual boot or to replace Ubuntu?

My PC is old, I guess I booted in Legacy. How clean partition table manual?

The commands I give you now are quite destructive - not in a physical manner - but if you use it on the wrong disk - ouch!

Substitute sdy with your actual device

Open a terminal and execute as root

# sgdisk --zap-all /dev/sdy

Then start the installer - and you should be good to go.

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I want to replace Ubuntu. I downloded an ISO from the official suit. I mounted the ISO on a USB on Ubuntu using Etcher, same problem.

Have you tried

as suggested by @linux-aarhus?

(Might be a good idea to have another machine handy)

What is the partition scheme as shown in gparted (within Ubuntu)?

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I'll try. I got another PC :blush:

You have two choices as I see it. 1) Mount gparted on a second USB. Disable secure boot in BIOS. Boot gparted, format the drive. Power down. Boot Manjaro Live USB and install. 2) Follow @linux-aarhus's suggestion. Disable secure boot in BIOS. Boot Manjaro Live USB and install.

Note: Ensure that the correct format is chosen during installation, per your machine's capabilities (UEFI vs. MSDOS).

The Manjaro Live iso comes with Gparted as I know, and I guess KDE partition manager if using KDE iso.

Just playing the odds, in case there's some unknown issue with OP's USB ISO mount or technique. :wink:

I would download gparted and create a new GPT partition table. Go to device < Create partition table < GPT. Then create a 8MB unformatted partition for grub. After that, start the installer.

Don't know why, but it doesn't work😢

What command did you enter?

But still have same problem

Does your BIOS support UEFI?

No, it doesn't

Boot the live USB. When you get to formatting choose manual (I think it says something like "other"). Delete the partition table. Create a new MSDOS (Legacy- MBR) partition table. If you want to use the entire table as one partition, make it ext4 file format mount it to /. Assign the boot flag. Then proceed with the installation.

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It doesn't work😭

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A tough one. What happens when you try? Any messages?

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