Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.

i dont know what thats all about. try rebooting and from grub instead of hitting enter to boot, instead hit ' E ' and find the word "quiet" and replace it with the number ' 3 ' and then CTRL+X to boot.

then login and try nmtui again

login as your regular user, not root

Alright that worked and there are no updates

So i should run the
sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia

yes. video-nvidia

then you need to clear out any configurations it created or any left over previously

ls -laR /etc/X11 > paste1.log
cat /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf >> paste1.log
cat /etc/modules-load.d/*.conf >> paste1.log
cat paste1.log | pastebinit

post link

what kernel are you using now?
what optimus option are you gonna go with?

Here you go
I think im using Manjaro Linux 4.19.32-1 Manjaro
And im going with full Prime

you left out
ls -laR /etc/X11

but what i was looking for was gpu configurations. so look for them, you probably at least have
sudo rm -rf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-mhwd.conf

but check to make sure as the PRIME tutorial instructs, it's very important. also, when you get to step #5 only follow the directions for SDDM (people have mistakenly followed directions for all 3 DM's) :man_facepalming:

check the directories mentioned, if you leave behind something it will undoubtedly cause you problems

Can i start the graphical interface now or no, because it would be easier for me to install prime, and how do you start it from the terminal?

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you know optimus-manager sets up prime for you :joy:. it allows switching but you dont have to switch. by default it sets up nvidia prime for you.

have you already started following the prime tutorial?

if so far you have only

  1. installed video-nvidia
  2. cleared out any leftover configuration files.

then do this.

  • from terminal (as user, not as root, from home directory)
cd ~
sudo pacman -S linux419-headers acpi_call-dkms xf86-video-intel git
sudo modprobe acpi_call
git clone
cd ~/optimus-switch-sddm
chmod +x
sudo ./

reboot and your done

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