Failing to boot from grub 'grub_efi_find_mmap_size' not found

Using Manjaro 4.14 I tried adding my windows partition to grub with:

sudo grub-install /dev/sda2

which ran without error but when I go to boot from grub I'm getting:

Error: symbol `grub_efi_find_mmap_size' not found.

after both the Loading Linux 4.14.78-1-Manjaro x64 ... line and Loading initial Ramdisk line.

No error does not mean all is fine. You used the wrong command to do something you shouldn't.

You only need to update grub, not re-install and not to a partition.
It seems you have UEFI system.
Boot to a Live Media and repair grub, following this tutorial:

If you fail, post the commands mentioned in the tutorial to get some help.

I don't have my usb with me but I'll try that tomorrow or Friday.

Also I found if I just exit grub Windows boots up normally.

Exit how? Selecting windows? ..or something else?

Going into the grub command line and entering exit. Windows doesn’t show up in the list of OSs.

Are your Windows installed/booted in UEFI?
Is this a fresh Manjaro installation?

Windows 7 was the intial os on the computer installed on uefi. I installed a fresh copy of manjaro a few weeks ago.

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