Failure to boot on Asus ROG Rampage II GENE

I am new to manjaro and am trying to boot the OS onto an old Asus ROG motherboard. I find this issue strange because I have successfully booted the OS onto a newer MSI motherboard. I have tried everything within my skill set besides buying a new motherboard, and I am out of ideas. Thank you and godspeed!

Do this please :arrow_down:

My problem is that I can't even get my PC to boot Manjaro, so I can't access the terminal. Unless I am missing something? Again, I am relatively new to linux, so apologies if I'm not seeing something.

You don't need to boot any specific linux distribution to add full hardware details of your system to the initial post. You can even use Windows to find this information if you don't already know it. The inxi script just simplifies the process as all you would have needed is to copy and paste the output. Without the hardware information nobody can really advise you other than if your old board has secureboot to turn that off.

What happens when you try to boot? What is the behavior you are seeing?

okay, sorry for the misunderstanding. I am using a Asus ROG Rampage II GENE, an Intel core I7 920, and a GeForce GTX 1660. Is this sufficient information?

The GPU is the most likely culprit then, I don't think the existing ISO release on the downloads page of the manjaro website supports that GPU natively.

anyhow, do you see the GRUB menu? where you can choose language, boot options etc? If so start in non-free driver mode but add this to the boot command line before you do:

systemd.mask=mhwd-live.service nomodeset

Additionally, you could try downloading one of the new release candidate ISOs instead and startup in non-free driver mode. That should work better (contains newer nvidia and nouveau drivers) and save you over a GB of updates after installation.


When it boots it brings me to the options menu, then proceeds to go through all of the processes after that. Then, when that's finished, I get stuck in a black screen with a flashing underscore, as if I could input text, but nothing happens.

As @anon71843593 points out, that sounds like a GPU driver issue.

I would try the suggested presented above.

I used a second GPU to boot from, installed the OS, and switched out the GPU's from there. Thank you for your wisdom and patience.

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