Failure to boot: OS-drive not listed in Boot Device List

Laptop (Asus G750JS) booted well initially today. However, subsequent boots were without success - black screen - maybe hardware issues? Not the first time this has happened, and not just with Manjaro.

I looked at PC Settings to see what’s going on: OS-drive has disappeared from boot order list, the Data-only drive being 1st in the boot list, the DVD-drive 2nd. Therefore, the laptop is trying to boot from my data-drive!

This is a UEFI laptop (made 2014), with Manjaro-xfce installed on an MBR formatted disk, with the laptop's BIOS (CMS) mode enabled .

Maybe I should use a UEFI install (GPT formatted disk) for Manjaro (like the Win8.1 that the machine came pre-installed with) and it might play better.

Any thoughts on this are welcomed. I’ve done a UEFI install before with Ubuntu, so am familiar with procedure.

gohlip's reply:
That’s exactly the problem.
If you searched issues like this.
I’ve said so many times.
Do not mix uefi and bios-legacy
Do not mix gpt and msdos disk

And if you still want to continue with this , start a new topic.
It is not related to original topic.

How are you booting Manjaro?
Can it boot? How are you typing this? Tell us.

At manjaro terminal, provide

sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
findmnt -s
efibootmgr -v

If not from Manjaro OS or at livecd, provide /etc/fstab of Manjaro OS partition.
Also if any disk is a removable external drive.

Can you be a bit more specific ...
The laptop has either BIOS (CMS) or UEFI mode. I chose BIOS, so use an MBR formatted drive, not a GPT formatted one. I haven't mixed the two. If that's what you mean, I haven't done it.

On a separate SSD, I'm now doing a UEFI install on a GPT disk, and will see how this plays. Hopefully it'll work.

If you are not answering my questions, I cannot help you.

I'm using a Samsung netbook

Okay, next?
There are (is?) more than one question.

I sincerely do not understand what you mean.
I'm not being funny at all, not by any measure.
What do you mean?

This is where a face-to-face beats typing.

Let's start over again. Now.
Use a livecd media boot it up in the computer where you had installed Manjaro,
At livecd OS terminal, provide....

sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
efibootmgr -v

Then at livecd OS file manager, go to the installed Majaro OS partition and go to its /etc/fstab.
Print out its contents.

Always print. Not screen shots. Do not provide screen shots. Print. As in text.
Tell us if any of your disks is removable. And if yes, which one?

Thanks gohlip.

I assume you're referring to Manjaro BIOS install on the MBR-drive - the one used for symlinking ...

I'll have to go now - cooking supper for everyone - I'll catch up with you tomorrow, only if that's convenient for you.

Have a good evening.

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