Favorite Lesser-Known Apps?

That's off-topic for this thread. You're welcome to start your own.

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Exactly, its off-topic, please start a new thread to stop derailing this further.

Simplenote for me.

Good point. Not the place for that post. Thanks.

i just added mictray, a little gtk3 mute toggle in the system tray.

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'micro' editor

I'm not actually using it. But it's quite amazing IMO.

zyedidia/micro: A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor

depends on 'glibc'. It's keybinding almost comfortable to 'notepad' people or 'text editing on browser only' people.

I thought about possible replacement for nano.


Yep, I use the micro-manjaro community package in place of nano myself.


Yes I have been using micro for a long time now. micro-manjaro is old, AFAIK he rewrote the base for v2. You can install the latest version from AUR too. There is both binary and source compilation in AUR.

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Maybe, if we ask nicely, the devs will update micro-manjaro in the repos. :slight_smile:

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I don't see a reason for this to be in the manjaro repos tbh. The aur versions are regularly maintained and work well.

If it isn't in the repos, it can't be included on an ISO. Also, many people will not use the AUR.


I already did. :wink:

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How does micro-manjaro differ from micro in the community repo? Is it just that micro is a newer version? They both link to the same github.

It looks like it's the same version i.e. 2.0.3. Probably 2 different maintainers due to lack of communication? Or does micro-manjaro have certain extra theming or key bindings?

I was wondering along the same line of thought.

Yes. When in doubt, you can always check the PKGBUILD

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micro-manjaro uses the prebuilt binary and comes with handy customizations. micro is the plain vanilla version built from source.

EDIT: They both now build from source.

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I recently started using latte-dock with the Window Buttons, Window Title, and Window AppMenu widgets and really quite enjoy Plasmafox since the standard Firefox doesn't show it's menu in the AppMenu widget. It's in the the chaotic-aur repo if you don't want to spend a significant amount of time building it.

The lack of comments does not really help, but I guess it is somewhat clear that there is something different.
By the way, there is one file that requires /bin/dash to be executed, it is not a dependency and it is probably not included by default in every Manjaro system. I wonder why the author did not use the generic /bin/sh.

Probably unintentionally (probably copied from a sloppily written script for Ubuntu). I'd change it to '/bin/sh' and see if it will work, I'm almost certain that it will.

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