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fcitx-qt5 breaks input of Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
There are several topics on it here (in Chinese).

Our current version of fcitx-qt5 is 1.2.4-1

[pop@Dec ~]$ pacman -Ss fcitx-qt5
community/fcitx-qt5 1.2.4-1 (fcitx-im)
    Qt5 IM Module for Fcitx

There is a newer version now available fcitx-qt5-1.2.4-2 which can resolve this issue.
Please update the repositories.
Thank you.

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Thank you for the info.

Where did you find reference to the second pkg release?

Arch repo has 1.2.4-1 and Manjaro has the same version.


The only odd thing is Manjaro community repo is build on 2019-11-09 but Arch is 2019-11-10.

I don't know much about coding nor how to check on github.
Can you take a look at the build

and see if there is any difference with the one we use and of this one.

I was made to understand that there was a new upstream upload after most distros build fcitx-qt5 -1.2.4 Perhaps a new rebuild from upstream is all that is needed.

I can only find fcitx-qt5 as 1.4.2-1 in Manjaro repo.

Could it be a user has build it locally?

KaOS also has similar problem here.
Rebuilding fcitx-qt5 from upstream resolved it.

I have no experience with the qt - other than I have experimented a lot with the Python Qt and GUI apps - so I am in no position to rebuild that kind of package - I might even make things worse. :frowning:

I think it is best to wait for upstream as this is where Manjaro gets the package.

Upstream has done the changes. What I said (that I understand) was that distros had built the unmodified package before the modification was done. It is a matter of rebuilding the same package that had been modified.

I mean from Arch - Manjaro does not have an overlay package for fcitx-qt5.

I have flagged the package at the Arch repo here

Perhaps @anon34396487 can rebuild it for Cleanjaro.

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I'm not making any guarantees, this is purely just a rebuild from upstream. Feel free to give it a test.



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