Feature request: automated network bonding with simple GUI

Hello Manjaro devs! This is a truly enjoyable distro, the main one for me since a few years ago.

I searched all over the web trying to find a network bonding solution for all not rocket scientist among us and all I found was a semi-automated python script on Github that doesn't support Arch and derivatives.

It would be really wonderful, and practical, to be able to just connect to every network available from the notification icon as one item more among the rest... Maybe with just a switch to choose what type of bonding is desired, with a little description tip for the end users.

Please consider this, and consider me invested if monetary incentives and/or testing is needed. I'm using Manjaro KDE on a Celeron portable computer.

Thanks in advance!


How often the bonding will be on and off ?
Most use this, and do it once
An UI would be DE independent or DE integrated?

Thanks for your reply @bogdancovaciu

Ideally, bonding should be always on, always adapting to the available interfaces.

The UI is always better when it is DE integrated, but for the sake of usefulness, a DE independent UI perhaps would be the way to go. There is always the option of starting with, say, KDE, and make a stand-alone version later too. That maybe would be a choice for the developers.

About the link above, the method is not very plastic, if I'm not mistaken. Every time one connects to a new WiFi AP or a LAN on a different USB port, also have to go and edit the files, right?

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