Files (Nautilus) takes a long time to open

Heey hello guys!

I decided today that I wanted to test out Manjaro, comming from years of Debian and Ubuntu I needed something new. I runs fantastic, really like the packet manager and the possibility to install from AUR.

I ran however into a small problem,

Sometimes when I click file to open the 'home' folder. It takes a long time to open it (up to 20 seconds) and sometimes completely freezes when I try to search for something after typing 2/3 letters.

Does anybody know what I can do about it? Thanks for all the hard work!


Have a look at the tutorial bellow, and post back some more information. Your description is quite vague and speculations that we can do are countless, but might not be relevant.

Do you have anything mounted in your /home?
Any symlinks or external drives or samba/nfs shares?

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