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I regurly use my desktop to save files there that I frequently use. Now the problem is when you drag and drop or copy a file to the desktop the files or folder ia placed in the top row in the first available space. I would like it if the files was placed where I pasted it or dragged and dropped it with my cursor because I have some widgets on my desktop and a lot of times the pasted files end up under the widgets and I have to move the widget in order to move the file to where I want it on my desktop. Basically I want pasteing files on the desktop to work the same as Windows.

The "download" folder of the home directory is the place where files are stored.

Well it's an opportunity to move away from that bad habit but even so, right click the desktop, click on configure desktop. change the desktop mode to folder if it isn't already and choose a custom location to display. save all regularly used files in that custom location (do not pick the desktop folder).

or add a folder widget to the desktop. you can't just add files to the desktop in KDE any other way, not sure it would work on any other linux desktop environment for that matter either.

Been thinking about your comment.
So I decided to paste my often used files in a special folder and keep my desktop empty. My desktop now only has system resource monitor widgets.
Also decided to get rid of the Windows style application launcher and decided to go with the fullscreen launcher. Similar to GNOME.
Been using kde ever since I started with linux. Used GNOME the first time but it frightened me because I was used to the Windows feel so started using kde. But now kde looks like GNOME.

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#switched to linux

Kde is absolutely awesome but it isn't perfect.
If your plasma style theme and other themes throughout the system are different it can be troublesome to make the cursor appear as the same style throughout the system. I recently had to manually edit files to make it so that when my login screen cursor is the same as my cursor after I logged it. So kde still needs some refinement. I honestly don't think that an inexperienced computer user would be able to change themes and all that without a GUI that could do everything.

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Plasma 5.18 improves on theme uniformity a little. However in the meantime, make sure that kde-gtk-config is installed. Then in system settings>Application Style you can manage how GTK applications appear too.

Yes I already have that installed and configured.
Helps a lot.

Anymore tips?

Looking for a network usage monitor with a gui that can track total data used by each app and also from what wi-fi network the data was used.

Windows 10 had a very nice data usage tracker and I would like that on linux

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