Finding a compatible USB Wifi Dongle

Hi folks!

First post here. I installed Manjaro onto a 2014 Mac mini which has been working well outside of the wifi connection. After some work I got the internal wifi chip working but the connection is constantly dropping out.

At this point I am fairly confident it's an environmental issue based on where the Mac mini is sitting. I am looking to purchase a USB eWifi Dongle with an antenna. What is the best method to find a compatible chipset for Manjaro?

I believe my current kernel version is 4.4+


This should help you fix the broadcom on that Mac Mini

If you look around, there are quite a few problems with USB Wifi too, so is quite tricky to suggest models.

I use WikiDevi to find a Compatible Dongle.


That resource is a good way to find candidates to purchase. However be sure to search the forum for any adapter chip you are considering to see how many problems there are with the chip in Manjaro.

There are some chips listed with OOTB kernel support that still have major problems currently.

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