Firefox 63 has removed the "open bookmark in sidebar" functionality [Rant]

I have sort of got round it, using an add-on, but it is not ideal and I have to reload on opening.

FFS will people stop pissing around with my workflow!!!

It also removed Live Bookmarks and RSS Feed support... :roll_eyes:

(Or it will be removed in 64... I get lost sometimes as I run Nightly)

Not got that far, been out for a meal.

I love the "RESOLVED" AKA tossed on the fire.

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Well, erm, yes... Firefox browser

I kinda sorta worked around it per Firefox browser, which i suspect might be what you did too, & if so i firmly agree with you about the shortcomings of this AO.

I reverted to Vivaldi some weeks ago [not only for this reason; twas a suite of stuff].

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