Firefox access denied after enabling first-party isolation

Since i activate first party isolate on FF, i have a weird message here: :frowning:
Access Denied
while trying to load /new.json?order=default
Something went wrong.

Any idea?


Please clear your browser cache and try again. You've probably logged yourself out.

Same problem here (browser cache cleared): it happens when i click on "New"; i can access to the forum without problems.

I can't replicate it with my Firefox instance.

Could you try with Firefox in Safe Mode and then with a clean profile?

Same for me in safe mode and with a new profile.
If i change to true firstpartyisolate in FF, i have this message: Access Denied
while trying to load /new.json?order=default

I still can't replicate this with a fresh Firefox (57.0.4) profile and setting privacy.firstparty.isolate=true.

After logging in to the forum I can navigate to and without issue.

The only warnings in the forum logs for that URL are from someone using Chrome, and they're not "Access Denied" errors.

I tried with chromium and there is no problem at al (

Also, on FF(57.0.3), when i acitvate first party isolate, i have to reconnect to all sites and forums with my login.

That's expected - each top-level domain gets its own set of cookies, so the current shared set is invalidated.

Yes but it doesn't happen with chromium... :thinking:
FF57.0.4: no change...

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