Firefox and thunderbird can't find printers from cups

Since I fixed my system I can't get firefox to see the cups server or printers. Same with thunderbird.
No problem with ocular though

Remove this whole part before you post something in this category

Try to install gtk3-print-backends.

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that makes me unhappy

it does work
I'm trying to reduce my dependency on gtk and gnome

Yet you installed Firefox and Thunderbird?
I thought those were gtk dependent since forever. Did they come out with QT versions?

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i suppose

I don't want qt either

now I understand why I need to run a cups server on every darn workstation and I can't centralize printing services any longer. It is so stupid. I have a single print server and lets say I don't want a cups server on my 6 other workstations. Firefox can't find the printer server.

Look here: It says:

CUPS can be configured to directly connect to remote printer servers instead of running a local print server. This requires installation of the libcups package. Some applications will still require the cups package for printing.

Warning: Accessing remote printers without a local CUPS server is not recommended by the developers.

Yeah that is a broken design.

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