Firefox doesn't work with O365 applications

Hi, I'm new to Manjaro, switched from other distro and ran into one issue:
(could not find solution through search, only this closely: Getting MS-Office Online to work)

I have company Office 365 subscription (Office 365 Business Premium) and tried to use Office Online apps like Word and Excel. I can login into with my credentials, select for example Word but when I click New blank document, firefox opens new, blank screen and nothing else happens. Can't create new document or open existing one, Firefox seems to stay in a endless loop of authentication. Developer console doesn't give any errors.
Installed Chrome and all works fine with it so issue is only with Manjaro bundled Firefox.

Also the Office launcer buttons result into same issue: can login but not create new document or edit existing ones.

Disabled IPV6, cleared Firefox cache and restarted: same issue.

Firefox 62.0.3. 64-bit Mozilla Firefox for Manjaro linux Manjaro linux - 1.0 Build 20181003120558

Manjaro linux 17.1.12 with XFCE Desktop Environment Kernel 4.14.74-1-MANJARO

If you open Firefox, open a new Private window (Ctrl Shift p), and go to, can you login and create a new document from there?

I also have a company provided O365 account, and I can't replicate that issue on either a fresh install of 17.1.12, nor on my main install.

Do you have any extensions installed in Firefox that might be interfering with the site?

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