Firefox: Everyday I must kill the program

Hi people, again me with a new problem.
(I don't know if my text is correct, my english is not good, sorry).

Firefox in my favourite browser and never have problems. But now, in Manjaro Deepin everyday, maybe 2 o 3 times a day, i must kill the program because It begins to fill the memory, freezing my computer.

Sometimes with two tabs, sometimes with five, i don't know.
But always I use Whatsapp Web, I don't know if this web, is the problem.

I attach a picture, before kill the program.



Use opera for WhatsApp web

Remove it and see if the problem persists.

Instances like this are usually linked to a rogue addon.

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Whatsapp Web is only Website, is not an addon or something like that installed. Is a "normal web" and i have it in a tab.

Maybe I will try with the desktop app.


Try not opening the whatsapp webpage and see if the issue persists. If it does not, then whatsapp webpage is to blame.

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OK I will try installing the Desktop app. And in a few days I will update the post to comment on how it was.

Thank you

Another option is to try the Firefox troubleshooting steps provided in this tutorial:

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Or simply restart Firefox with all extensions disabled from the menu. That will quickly tell you if one of your extensions is to blame.

After doing the recommended by @bill_t and having tried it for a few days. I have not had the problem again, that tutorial has apparently solved it.

Thanks again.

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