Firefox extensions stopped working--Waterfox alternative??

OK So last night all the extensions I had running in Firefox quit working-- apparently me and a lot of others suffering nose bleed from an expired certificate that appears to have disabled extensions on a lot of people's Firefox installs. For those interested or suffering, some of the history and a temporary work around reside here

In reading /. this morning there was a fair amount of ping and moaning about this, its causes and changes in Firefox recently. I am not here to debate any of this nor do I have any desire to get in a flame war or ping contest. I run Firefox with a lot of extensions on my production machines and it does reasonably well. What I am curious about is Waterfox, whether anyone here can comment on it in terms of stability and so forth. Had the certificate problem happened during regular business hours for me it would have been much more problematic than on Friday night.

Sometimes I think those of us who depend on computing should have above a monitor somewhere, Kiplings' "Gods of the Copybook Headings" posted to remind us of what life is truly about......

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