[Firefox] firefox-kde repository -- EOL, no support anymore

Hmm...no error here (with the old revision).
I'll rebuild and update git later today. Will report back.

Remember to remove the previous KDE patches from makepkg's src directory before updating to the new revision.

This might come in handy: https://users.rust-lang.org/t/psa-dealing-with-warning-unused-import-std-ascii-asciiext-in-today-s-nightly/13726

I updated the PKGBUILD on github, binaries will be ready soon.
EDIT: repo updated


Works like a charm, thanks!

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All my troubles are gone...all got back to normal after I did some cleaning up:

uninstall firefox and dependencies
deleted .mozilla folder (hidden one in my home )
reinstalled just FF not FF-kde and got back to normal.. ( see the pic)

I think I messed up something in .Mozilla hidden folder, cause I installed 3 FF versions in the same: installed actual FF from mozilla, then FF-kde in Manjaro community extra packages; and also added torvic's repositories with special FF-kde version.

Thanks for the build!

I noticed something weird though, firefox is giving Windows as the OS in the user-agent I think. At least, google thinks I'm on Windows...
Is it just me, or is it due to the build? I didn't have this behaviour before...

Did you set privacy.resistFingerprinting to true in about:config?

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It was set to true, yes. But I don't remember ever modifying it... What does it do?

Anyway, thanks, it's back to Linux now.

It spoofs a bunch of metrics websites can use to track you, including, but not limited to pretending to be the most common useragent.


Actually, the issue is more pernicious than that...
Firefox doesn't store its config. Each time I restart firefox, the config is back to its previous state. So resistFingerprinting is back to true...

Does someone else have this issue?

EDIT: I switched back to the default firefox build, and it doesn't have this issue.

EDIT2: Ok, I guess this is the culprit: https://github.com/torvic9/firefox-kde/blob/master/user.js
But I don't know where it is installed, I didn't find it in my profile. I don't think it's legitimate to force all these options on the user...

EDIT3: I just realized that it was already pointed out earlier in the thread... Sorry.

This is userpref not lockpref! It's used to set a default and you should be able to change it and the setting should be remembered. If it's not storing configuration, you might have a problem with permissions in your home directory.

On unrelated note, anyone else having issues uploading? Also, downloading sometimes takes multiple tries for me.

Edit: it works with kmozillahelper rebuild with reverted commits 47e708e and 9a56d32



No, as I said, I don't have the issue with the official build. I checked my permissions and all. I even tried everything recommended on the firefox howto fix. To no avail.
I think it is due to this particular build, not my system, as zamo reported the same issue earlier on the thread:

I think there was a misunderstanding here. You can change the setting in user.js. It's located in /usr/lib/firefox/browser/defaults/preferences/user.js
I'll quote Mozilla KB:

Editing user.js entries

To edit the user.js file, open the file in a text editor such as Notepad, make your changes, then close the file and save the changes. Note that removing or "commenting out" a preference line from the user.js file will not remove changes written to the prefs.js file (see below).

Removing user.js entries

To undo preferences that have been set in the user.js file:

Edit the user.js file to remove the unwanted preference entries or delete the user.js file to remove all entries, as a first step. Since the same preferences are now written to the prefs.js file, a second step is needed:
If there are no options in the user interface (UI) for the preference, either directly edit the prefs.js file to remove the unwanted entries (not recommended), reset the preference via about:config or restore a backup copy of the prefs.js file. 

You can find your prefs.js file in your home folder with find ~ -name "prefs.js" If your setting keeps getting reset and you've already edited user.js this file is likely culprit.

Same setting on my own firefox-kde from torvic9 repo:

Thanks for the location. But my point still stands. This is a system wide config file, i.e. you're forcing these options on the user, whose own config is overridden at each new session. If I can't keep my modified about:config after a restart, something is wrong.

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I agree. I'm not a fan of forced settings myself. However, the settings in question are privacy-focused so I do believe they're implemented with good intentions. That being said, "the road to hell is full of good intentions" .

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Keep in mind that I build firefox-kde mostly for myself (yes, it's quite egoistic) - not an official Manjaro package.
I can of course remove user.js - however, AFAIK your config is NOT overridden unless you create a symlink to your profile, or you start with a new profile.

It is though. Haven't created any symlink and my profile is a few months old, but still have to rewrite the user.js after each update. It's not a huge hassle (copy/paste a backup file), but still. Or am I doing something wrong?

Hmm... before I pushed user.js, I tested it with my existing profile and nothing was overwritten.

Since this leads to too much confusion, user.js will be removed from PKGBUILD in the next version. It will still be available on github though.

AJS proposed to create a settings package, which is the correct way to do it, but I don't have time for that :frowning:

Mozilla KB:

Important: Once an entry for a preference setting exists in the user.js file, any change you make to that setting in the options and preference dialogs or via about:config will be lost when you restart your Mozilla application because the user.js entry will override it.

I wanted to say that I'm grateful for your work on this project, as building Firefox from source is tedious and time consuming. Binary you create makes my quality of life increase. Your build is also ahead of any KDE patched AUR builds, so you should take pride in your accomplishment. The fact that we're nitpicking here about your defaults means that there is a wider interest in your work and that should not discourage you from this project. If anything, it should make you aware that it's important to those of us using Firefox on Plasma.


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