Firefox freezing & Brave crashing


I've been using Brave browser, however after a little while it would crash/close. I thought maybe it was a problem with Brave, so I tried Firefox and that freezes becoming unresponsive. I'm using video-ati driver for my GPU. If there is anything else I can provide let me know. Thank you

Kernel: 4.9.73-1
OS: 17.1.0 XFCE 64-bit

HD 7850
Xeon E3-1241 v3

Random freezes are normally RAM or power/heat related. Have you checked RAM use and system temperatures?

Also have a read through:

I'm using default firefox profile and brave settings too. Temperatures were always good on Windows. I will get crashes and freezing even with 2 tabs open. CPU and ram usage are okay.

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Do you get freezes in other applications? For example, is it 3D graphics-related?

Have you run memtest (via the GRUB menu) on your RAM to check it's OK?

Have you tried kernel 4.14?

Have you fully updated your system?

System is fully up to date. Ram should be okay never had any problems on Windows. I'll try 4.14 and also do a memtest just to be sure.

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This doesn't necessarily mean anything as it's used in a different way. :wink:

Haven't experienced a crash using 4.14 yet. Thank you.

edit: Just had a crash as I posted that. I'll try a memtest

Memtest says errors 0 however does say [Note] RAM may be vulnerable to high frequency row hammer bit flips.

Is it the intel video driver, try modesetting.

Oh wait, I guess that HD xxxx means something graphical, so not intel.

Xeon doesn't have any intel graphics. I've disabled hardware acceleration in browser no crashes yet but we'll see

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HD**** is (normally) an ATi card (my Studio 1749 has an HD5650). I'm not sure which driver should be used for the HD7850... if it uses the amdgpudriver, that can need some tweaks to work properly.

I think it is a problem with my GPU driver as Counter strike global offensive runs poorly

It has been 5 hours and still no crash. Is it true nvidia is better supported under linux? If it my AMD gpu is the problem I will replace it with nvidia

Do you think this had something to do with it?

Glad you solved it, thumbs up.

I was getting freezes in a flash game with it enabled now no freeze or crash after 5 hours. I still want to replace my GPU with something that has better drivers. Counter strike global offensive does not run well for me.

Disabling hardware acceleration has fixed the crashing. I'm thinking of replacing my 7850 with the GT 1030

I just had a crash.. Seems hardware acceleration helped but doesn't eliminate the problem. Everything freezes then my browser will close.

It's always nice to get new hardware. :sunglasses:
You can refresh Firefox/Brave. Go to
and use the options at top right.

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