Firefox-kde-opensuse has no add-ons access

Firefox's add-ons where showed on the right, next to address bars and some where pinned to the hidden menu.
After today's FF 63 update all extensions are gone and there is no hidden access menu icon. On add-ons page all are there but in practice they don't work so I have no access to password manager and others.

Here is how the hidden access menu icon should look like:


The fact that in "Adjust" page is grayed out means that there are no add-ons to show, so when we go to usual browser window/tab I see only this:


So once again, add-ons icons are not showing and they are also not working, although they are marked as tuned on on the add-ons page.

So it is a firefox-kde-opensuse package bug, not a firefox one.

Have you checked under "Customize..." ?


Yeah, that what you call "Customize" I named "Adjust". Fun of having a different language versions and then talking in another language...

Anyway, I checked on another computer and the issue was not there so that left me with one thing: refresh FF. So I did it and the problem is gone, although I had to restore session and tabs from the old FF data but that's not a biggie.

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Tomatoes, potatoes.

:notes: "Let's call the whole thing off" :notes:

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