Firefox not displaying webpages correctly after the last stable update

Hii everyone. I'm new to Linux and Manjaro. Everything was working fine until the last update. My Firefox isn't displaying webpages correctly after the last stable update. I haven't installed any extensions.Screenshot_20200715_132820 Screenshot_20200715_132733

No issue here. Check your internet connection, if you use proxy or vpn, clean cache, refresh the pages. If you just updated, make sure you reboot the system ...

I have tried everything. Internet connection is good. Chromium is displaying web pages correctly. I don't use proxy or VPN. It only happens with few sites. Two of them are and

The only idea i have is to try with a new TEST user or a new firefox profile, and see if those pages you mention load correctly. :man_shrugging:

I removed ~/.mozilla/* but still facing the same issue.

that looks like page styles have been toggled off. that's in the view menu in page style, but you're not showing the menu bar. right click somewhere on the top bars and show menu bar, then open the view menu to find page style.

Mine was doing same thing. I just cleared browser cache and restarted FF, then pages loaded correctly. Give that a try if you haven't already. YMMV

I don't see it mentioned here, so I will throw this into the possibility basket. I see from the screenshot you are on the Firefox "Add-ons" / extensions page. Have you installed any extensions that may have caused this? Check out your Add-ons page in the preferences to be certain.

I would also like to take this time to promote Waterfox, a better privacy version of Firefox in AUR. (Insert info-commercial for Waterfox here.) You could try this since it is basically Firefox and see if you are getting the same issue. If so, then it is probably a network thing.

I have no extensions. Everything is on its default settings. Network isn't the issue here. Chromium is loading everything perfectly.

I cleared cache, data and cookies. But still facing the same issue.

Then try Waterfox or some other browser and bring up the same webpages. If it is happening in those, then it is a proxy/network/DNS issue.

Chromium is displaying correctly. I will try Waterfox too.

Well if Chromium is displaying it correct, then it is an issue with Firefox. I would suggest backing up your profile if you need to do that, either by the sync feature or manually. Then use pamac and remove firefox.

Then show your hidden files in dolphin, and find in your home directory; .mozilla folder, and in that delete the Firefox folder completely. Re-install firefox and see if that fixed it.

I live booted Manjaro KDE 20.0.3 and every page loaded correctly in Firefox. Screenshot_20200616_063217


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I don't know what happened but the problem is no more. I will tell you if it happens once again.

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