Firefox openH264 plugin in Manjaro ARM

I am running Manjaro ARM 20.04 on a Raspberry Pi 4 , fresh install + updates ...
I noticed that Firefox 76.0.1 plugin section displays a yellow banner with the text "OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. will be installed shortly"
If I remember correctly this was not an issue in a previous snapshot of Manjaro ARM ...
I am a noob, is this a known issue or is there a work around, I've found some old posts about the same issue but for the Desktop edition ... Any pointers?
I know this is also a Raspbian issue, I'd prefer to use Manjaro since I think it performs better

It's not something we have specifically set, and it's also present on all my x86 installs of Firefox, so I would guess it's something Firefox/Mozilla installs to support h264 playback.

It is referring to the binary provided and signed by Cisco, note that for this binary MPEG-LA fees are covered by Cisco, so it is different from compiling OpenH264 from sorce

There aren't binaries for arm64

I have added aarch64 to the openh264 pkgbuilds here:

However I doubt it could be used by Firefox given their efforts in recent years to disable unsigned extensions or what it was

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