Firefox showing twice

When I open my application launcher it shows two firefox icons which although run normally as tehy should. The problem is the shortcut iI set for firefox Ctrl+Alt+F does not work. I have deleted and again set that shortcut but it doesn't work. I think somehow the two things are related. firefox
I am running KDE Plasma latest stable version.

Right click, remove from favourites.

As to the shortcut, it shouldn't have any effect at all. Try resetting the shortcut to say super+f - does that work?

Yeah I removed it from favourites.
No, Super+f also does not work.
I didnt changed any firefox settings after installation. I don't understand why its happening. All my other Ctrl+Alt combinations work like for konsole.

That is weird, can you post a screenshot of the firefox hotkey settings?

Do other hotkeys work?

What does:

which firefox



Remove it and re-setup in custom shortcuts, that is the only thing I can think of.

Although I was looking why that thing didn't worked but this works just fine too. Thanks.

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