Firefox slow and clunky... should I switch browsers?

No it's faster. It's not based on a "feeling", it's faster. I'm also puzzled as to your concern about feelings in this thread. There was never any feeling posted. A preference maybe, that has merit in some cases, but nobody ever went into anything to do with feeling this way or that.

As for not posting it up, I will if it will benefit someone else in some way. However as far as I'm concerned the problem is solved, so notable was the effect. As has been the case with many of my other issues posted here. Problem solved.

Well... Obviously, politeness and courtesy have not been part of your education.
So, I'll list some "benefits" as you say...

  1. respect of the future readers of the thread who would be pleased to understand if the environment is the same as theirs.
  2. basic consideration of the time of the persons who cared about your problem and asked for info to solve it.
  3. not been a vampire as @antikythera noticed you seem to be...

"Well... Obviously, politeness and courtesy have not been part of your education."

Did you consider your education in politeness and courtesy when you first started throwing accusations of "feelings"? You were responding to me saying "prefer". Totally unnecessary. So if you're going to bring up politeness and courtesy, I'd revisit that post first and make sure you didn't initiate the whole thing. You'll probably get all the "politeness and courtesy" you want if you'll sit on your own feelings and take care not to toss around accusations so easily.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding, and if so this is all a complete waste of time, but I doubt it as you just kept on with the "feelings" stuff. Even after I attempted to explain that there were little if any feelings being expressed here. Remember, intent can be somewhat unclear when communicating via text. That's why jokes so often give offense.

If the situation here has been resolved, then let's just leave it at that. No further posting by any party is necessary and the rest is just useless argument on politeness and accusation throwing. :lock:

Seems like the original problem is solved.

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