Firefox snacks RAM


my Firefox 67.0.1 takes too much RAM for my taste.
I have about 20 tabs open, AdBlockPlus, NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere and Web Developer as addons. Firefox took 5 GiB of RAM, leaving only MiBs room for open file caches etc.

I will monitor this issue with about:memory
Do you have any tips on reducing the memory usage of Firefox?

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Given most memory use of browsers is due to the pages you have open you may need to change the way you use Firefox.

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Also ABP is known to be heavy on resources in comparison to better adblockers like Ublock: Origin
Check with safe mode and/or with addons disabled to see if anything else is causing it besides your addons or particular pages...

For further tweaking FF have a look at the Archwiki.

Consider using something like PSD [profile sync daemon]


I will take a look.
Thanks @cscs

Works wonders:

264.9 MiB +  11.1 MiB = 276.0 MiB       WebExtensions
344.2 MiB +  35.5 MiB = 379.8 MiB       ff-devel
954.4 MiB + 104.8 MiB =   1.0 GiB       Web Content (8)

Wait 3 minutes....

261.1 MiB +  19.4 MiB = 280.5 MiB       WebExtensions
305.1 MiB +  41.2 MiB = 346.3 MiB       ff-devel
367.7 MiB +  60.1 MiB = 427.8 MiB       Web Content (3)

Combine that with Panorama View and you can leave hundreds of tabs open with no effect on memory footprint.

A few suggestions – Install extensions “Better-Onetab” and “Tab Suspender” then
Shutdown and restart FF every 3 to 4 hours.

Hi, I have 3 FF instances with 20+ tabs on each and no memory problems.

  • I have none of these : AdBlockPlus, NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere
  • I use Ublock Origin, Decentraleyes, Site Bleacher and... all Firefox personalized security settings.
  • No need of auto tab discard or alternatives : from FF 67 on, FF manages itself idle tabs
  • I use profile-sync-daemon to have my profiles RAM loaded
  • All my installs use systemd-swap

I show my settings on this french tutorial (easily translated)

I use some add-ons on my pro profile :wink:

~]$ grep -oP '},"name":"\K[^"]+' ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.*default*/addons.json
uBlock Origin
Facebook Container
Dark Reader
Cookie AutoDelete
Firefox Multi-Account Containers
eID Belgique
Grammarly for Firefox
I don't care about cookies
Dictionnaire français
Français Language Pack
English (US) Language Pack
Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy
Disable JavaScript
Tab Mix - Links
IP Address and Domain Information
Bookmarks Organizer
Font Finder (revived)
Grammalecte [fr]
Link Redirect Trace
Bloody Vikings!
Bookmark Dupes
Markdown Here
Resurrect Pages
masterpassword for Firefox
Laboratory (Content Security Policy / CSP Toolkit)
IPFS Companion
New Tab from Location Bar
Mangools SEO extension
SEO Minion
Site Bleacher
Sleep Mode
What CMS Is This
W3Techs Website Technology Information
Amplifier  AMP/Canonical switcher
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You can reduce the number of processes FF uses, either in the Preferences menu or by going to about:config and setting dom.ipc.processCount to a lower value. I think the default is 4. This should reduce memory usage but probably not as much as you want, and it will reduce performance.

yeah - to throw in another stat here .. looks like I'm riding at about 600-700mb with 40 FF tabs open..
[includes some reddit/someimages/thisforum/archwiki/bugzilla/ddg/github/youtube]

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If you absolutely insist on low ram usage, disable the browser memory cache and enable only the disk cache.
Warning: This will hit video playback performance pretty hard, especially when you've got a HDD.








in about:config
This will allow Firefox to use as many disk cache as it wants, but completely prohibits the use of RAM to store temporary browsing data.
Pros: Ultra light on resources
Cons: Eventually major slowdowns in certain categories.

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