Firefox Timing out on 1 website - The connection has timed out

basically im trying to connect to my web based rutorrent and im getting a timed out error.
normally i would get the error invalid cert are you sure this is safe click advanced and continue that way but im not getting that error any more

its also happening on a Fresh install of manjaro 64bits on another machine

Host: headaches Kernel: 5.6.12-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64
Desktop: Xfce 4.14.2 Distro: Manjaro Linux

if i boot into Windows and connect with firefox it connects perfectly

Hi. We are going to need a bit more information to help you. I presume from your writing that rutorrent is running on a separate machine.

Q1: On which port ? (5000 according to rutorrent wiki)
Q2: Did you check any firewall logs on that machine (if any) ?

according to the dude who operates the server

port is fine, no firewall blocking it. its unique to the OS since it works fine on mac and windows.

edit: hes looking into this issue as-well but i thought i'd ask here to see if anyone else knew

he suggested it could be a MTU issue but all my MTU'S are above 1400

edit2: i also changed dns's via the router and still didnt work

If a website is timing out - it is - usually - a website problem - not the browser - at least rarely.

why would it work on windows and not linux though?

I can't say - a routing issue - a DNS issue.

MTU issue? No.

Many browsers are now actively blocking TLS1 and TLS1.1.

Depending on the content and port used - your ISP may be blocking or down throttling.

Have you tested the connection using the usual network trouble shooting tools?

Like nslookup, dig and traceroute?

ok so it seems to be a firefox issue now. At least ON THIS machine

chrome connects fine

i have NOT tested on the other computer i will when i get home

edit: tested it on other fresh manjaro install and all 3 browsers work fine

its just now a problem with THIS firefox

ill look into this and get back to you


this fixed my issue

Start with a clean profile

From a terminal, run firefox -P . This will allow you to create a new, clean, profile without any extensions or preference customisations. If the issue does not occur then the cause lies within something you have configured.

also oddly it took a few attempts to clear the web content. terminal said it wasnt possible at first.

thanks though

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