Firewall automatically disabled when turning on VPN

I am using the protonvpn linux-cli vpn tool, I cloned and installed it from their git, I have never had this problem until I switched to Manjaro.

Now whenever I connect to the VPN the firewall shuts off and I have to manually turn it back on every time.

I'm using a fresh install of manjaro cinnamon, this same error occurs on all of my devices.

Maybe it's similar to this

Also, protonvpn is in AUR as well if you want to install it via that.

Maybe, but protonvpn never disabled my firewall on linux mint and it used the same firewall system.

Make sure that KillSwitch is disabled. If the issue persists, try to disable the firewall completely with ufw and try to connect. Not optimal I know, but just to test and make sure if it works that way or not.

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