Fix Scaling on Mixed DPI Setup

I have a 34" Ultrawide 3440x1440 display as my primary, and a secondary 4K 27" display. Physically they are essentially the same height, however the scaling is way off making the computer essentially unusable for me, as everything is scaled too large on the 1440p display, and everything is too small on the 4K display. Inside the browser and some applications that are not system apps (like settings), the scaling is fine on the 1440p, but UI elements are ridiculously large, and on the 4K the UI is just a bit too small but that makes content way too tiny. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I would like to switch to Manjaro as my primary OS instead of Windows. I have KDE as my preferred DE, and I have an Nvidia 2080Ti.

Also if anybody knows of a utility similar to Little Big Mouse on Windows that makes display edges line up even if the resolutions are different, that would be great as I find it mildly annoying having the mouse jump to a different height between monitors as I cannot line them up perfectly due to the different resolution.

Have a look here

and try this

and have a look at this, but see what was changed to make it work after that

There is no alternative for it in linux. Either trough Nvidia X settings you can line up ONE edge of the screen to the other (when is about two different Monitors) in Server layout, or trough Display and Monitor Settings of KDE Plasma Settings


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