Flatix Theme for Gnome Shell + GTK

Sooo... looks like finally i've managed to finish my theme for Gnome Shell and GTK.
You can download it from here:

And some screens:

Icon theme still in progress (need to finish app icons).


Hi @edskeye .. i have created a pkgbuild fot this theme .. very beautiful .. i see two theme : grey and theme
what is the major color ? Our Maia ( 16a085 ) ?

Hi! Glad you like it. Main colour is #159f85 - took it from proper Manjaro logo but looks like i've messed up something. Will fix that tomorrow and replace it with the one you gave me. How is it that you see two themes? Uhmmm... it's probably my GitHub mistake again :stuck_out_tongue: will sort things and let you know with everything. Also our Gnome wallpaper will jave correct colors.

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Dont forget the DE-agnostic 'contest' ones :wink:
( also realize no xfwm :cry: )

Being honest... this theme was made as my private setup for Gnome that came together with wallpaper. Then i tried to do it more complex and modify to be more into native Manjaro style.

Don't know much about other DE as Gnome is my favourite one, but... will try to do my best. According to this if anyone would like to help /support / advice with theming other DE - i'd be happy :slight_smile:

Probably Budgie comes next.

EDIT: if anyone knows how to create GTK2 dark version - let me know. So far theme has only light one. GTK3 - both light and dark.

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I managed to create a gtk2 dark version for adwaita-maia replacing gtk-2.0 folder of /usr/share/themes/Adwaita-Maia with gtk-2.0 folder of /usr/share/themes/Adwaita-dark/
and changing some entries in /usr/share/themes/Adwaita-Maia/gtk2/gtkrc to replace the blue color with maia one.

You have to change also the adwaita black color with with your own black. :slight_smile:

You can download the theme from here.

You can also take a look here:

The dark version seems missing ?

Yeah i know how it works at all but would like to do sth like when you select in gnome-tweak-tools "global dark theme" GTK2 also change to dark theme. Anyway i will check your theme. May i use part of it?

@cscs yep - there's ni dark theme for GTK2. I don't know how to make it "switchable" like GTK3...

I understand...you 're right, if i disable "dark theme" from gnome-tweak-tools doesn't change to light but I don't care because I'm using only dark themes. :slight_smile:

So, it's not my own theme just a workaround in order to have the dark adwaita-maia which I like it.

Maybe @Ste74 or @oberon or someone else be able to create a complete dark variant for adwaita-maia theme. :slight_smile:

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My bad :innocent: your index.theme is ok , i have another flatix theme in my home ( your first experiment ) and i have missed this :blush:

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That's good to know that everything is ok :slight_smile:
BTW. Just updated theme on GitHub so now main color is Maia # 16a085

EDIT: Wallpapers repo also changed.

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Opera? NICE!

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I have pushed in our repo , i like if with community contribution this theme provide other de :wink:


Cinnamon WIP screenshot.

Nemo has some strange color difference, so that's what needs to be solved.
Also you can see part of Plank dock under the bottom panel. Cinnamon is not my daily DE so i'm just switching to it from Gnome.

Probably whole theme needs to be reworked on the new base - Numix theme. Those Vimix-Dark and Vimix Aurora were easy to start but if there has to be theme for other DE than Gnome, they're not ok.

Ok @Ste74 Cinnamon and Mate are done. Plymouth theme now with correct Maia color too. Repos updated.

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Cool , update the pkgs soon :slight_smile:

Maybe this WIP screenshot will pay your attention :wink:

And a bit darker...


Heads up;
If the packages are the following:

1 community/flatix-theme 20170223-1
    Complete Shell and GTK theme for Gnome,Cinnamon and Mate created and 
    combined from two themes: Vimix Dark Theme and Vimix Aurora
2 community/flatix-theme-dark 20170223-1 [installed]
    Complete Shell and GTK theme for Gnome,Cinnamon and Mate created and 
    combined from two themes: Vimix Dark Theme and Vimix Aurora Dark version

Then be warned that on XFCE, after applying theme in Appearance, Xorg screamed to 100% cpu usage and desktop suffered delayed touchpad input and general sluggishness.
Reverting to a different theme immediately resolved the issue.

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Whoaaa... thank you for telling me this. Dunno why is it so. I've been testing it in VM and no issues there. Would you be so kind to test the one from github?

I also noticed these cause high cpu usage in xfce.

@muser could you also test theme downloaded directly from my github?
I am running it right now on VM and everything is ok.

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